Dress Code

The Graduation Ceremony is a formal and solemn occasion to celebrate your graduation from The Education University of Hong Kong successfully. It is, therefore, important to respect the occasion of graduation and dress properly on the day of ceremony. The following is strongly recommended:

1. Dark/Plain Clothing/Outfits
2. Suit/Jacket
3. Long-sleeved Shirt, Tie, Long Pants and Leather Shoes

1. Suit (with Pants/Dress)
2. Long-sleeved Blouse with Collars and Long Skirt/Long Pants and Jacket
3. Court Shoes/Pumps

It is highly recommended that you wear a button-down top or shirt which will enable you to attach the academic hood to your clothing.

These are not allowed: sandals, athletic shoes, wellington/shearling boots, T-shirts, jeans, shorts, camisole or clothing that is too sheer/thin.

Light make-up is ceremony-appropriate.