Collection of Award Certificate

Graduates of 2023

  1. For graduates who are approved to graduate with the Graduation Date as of 31 October 2023 (10-31), kindly note that you can collect your award certificate on the day of your ceremony with the details listed below. Early collection before the stipulated period will NOT be entertained. You MUST check the collection date, time and location before collection.
  2. For graduands who are approved to graduate with the Graduation Date as of 31 March 2023, 31 July 2023 and 31 August 2023, please note that you can ONLY collect your award certificate at the Student Records Service Desk of Information Centre (A-G/F-11, CKCF Building (Block A), Tai Po Campus) during normal official opening hours (i.e. Mon – Fri 8:30 am – 5:20 pm (Weekend and Public Holiday closed)) starting from 16 October 2023. NO distribution services will be provided on the day of your ceremony.
  • Collection Period
    Time25 Nov 2023
    2 Dec 2023
    9 Dec 2023
    16 Dec 2023
    11:30 am - 2:00 pm
    Room A-G/F-08, CKCF Building (Block A), Tai Po Campus
    Session 1
    Session 3
    Session 5
    Session 7
    9:00 am – 3:30 pm
    Student Records Service Desk of Information Centre (A-G/F-11, CKCF Building (Block A), Tai Po Campus)
    Session 2
    Session 4
    Session 6
    Session 8
  • Required Documents
    To collect your certificate in person
    You are required to present your HKID card* or student card* for verification (photocopy or digital copy is NOT accepted).

    To collect the certificate by authorized person/self-paid courier services
    Please bring along the following documents for verification:
    - A photocopy of the graduate’s HKID card or student card (digital copy is NOT accepted);
    - A completed Authorization Form* signed by the graduate (digital copy is NOT accepted);
    - HKID card/passport of the authorized person/self-paid courier services collection form
    * Document checking is required for entry to the Tai Po campus for certificate collection
  1. For 10-31 graduates who are not available to collect the award certificate in the specified period above, your award certificate can be collected in person or by an authorized person/self-paid courier services at the Student Records Service Desk of Information Centre (A-G/F-11, CKCF Building (Block A), Tai Po Campus) starting from the following Monday of your assigned collection day (after 2 pm). The documents required will be the same as listed above. Please refer to the Registry website for details regarding the official opening hours.
  2. Posting services for 10-31 graduates with charges will be provided after the stipulated collection day and are limited  to graduates with non-Hong Kong addresses only. Graduates are required to submit their request to the Registry by email to Delivery services will be provided upon full postal payment received (except for pay on delivery). The detailed postal fee and payment method are listed below for reference.
Residential AreaCourier ProviderPostal feePayment Method
Mainland China, Taiwan
SF ExpressHK$16 – HK$53Pay on delivery
Areas other than the aboveHong Kong Post
(Registered Mail)
(plus bank handling charges)
Pay by T/T remittance

## Graduates MUST provide the 8-digit student number as the payment reference.

T/T remittance details
Please check with your bank for details of the handling charge for Bank’s Correspondent/Agent and make sure your T/T remittance amount is in HKD and covers all bank charges, including the HK$65 postal fee.
Beneficiary Bank:The Bank of East Asia, Limited
Beneficiary Bank Address:10 Des Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong
Name of Account Holder:The Education University of Hong Kong
Account No.:015-195-25-00002-0
Graduates are reminded that an up-to-date mailing address MUST be provided to us clearly and accurately in your email request. The University bears no responsibility for any loss of the certificate during postal delivery due to an incomplete or incorrect mailing address.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The University bears no responsibility for any loss or damage of the certificate during postal delivery.
  2. All graduates are reminded to settle all outstanding fees/charges/library liabilities and return all loan items to the respective unit. Your academic documents (including award certificate) will be withheld by the University if there are outstanding fees or other items to be returned.
  3. Kindly note that the certificate will only be issued ONCE to each graduate. In case there is loss or damage to the certificate during postal delivery, you can apply for Replacement of Certificate. The application form for the replacement of the certificate can be obtained from the Registry website. Please read the important notes on the form and follow the application procedures.

General Enquiries