Graduate Employment Survey


Good News! The deadline of EdUHK Graduate Employment Survey 2022 has been extended to 30 Oct (Sun)! Don't miss the chance - Click HERE to complete it!

香港教育大學 - 2022年畢業生就業調查


只需幾步就有機會贏走驚喜獎賞!凡於2022年10月23日(星期日)2022年10月30日(星期日)或之前完成並提交網上問卷的畢業生均可參加抽獎,將有機會獲得大獎Apple Store 禮品卡價值港幣1,500元‼️其他獎品還包括:各大娛樂平台通行証(如hmvod娛樂影視通行証、Spotify/KKbox音樂平台)、零售店現金券(City'Super/LOG-ON、無印良品、惠康、百佳等)或美食禮券(星巴克、Häagen-Dazs等),禮品超過130份✨總額超過港幣12,000元!抽獎結果及領獎詳情將於2022年11月11日或之以前以電郵方式通知。把握機會,贏取豐富獎品!



如有任何有關「2022年畢業生就業調查」的查詢,歡迎電郵至careerservice@eduhk.hk或致電+852 2948 6246 與學生事務處事業發展服務聯絡。


• 在調查中提供的個人資料將會保持機密。學生事務處及香港教育大學需要收集的資料只會以整體數據形式報導。
• 另外,此問卷所收集的數據將會保存五年,及後將會銷毀;而部分數據可能會提供予大學教育資助委員會、教育局或其他香港特區政府辦事處,或會用作進一步問卷調查之用。資料將由學生事務處處理。
• 本校職員(當中包括但不限於學生事務處的職員)也有機會與你聯繫,以便了解更多詳細資訊及進行研究和相關匯報。
• 根據私隱條例,你有權查閱或更改你在此問卷中的個人資料。如畢業生有此需要,請以書面通知學生事務處。
• 學生事務處保留解釋、更改獎品和終止抽獎活動的唯一及最終決定權。

The Education University of Hong Kong
Graduate Employment Survey 2022

You are cordially invited to complete the Graduate Employment Survey (GES) which is conducted annually to gain better understanding of the graduates' employment situation and provide useful data for better planning of the university programmes and career services.

You're just a few steps from winning a prize! Complete the online Graduate Employment Survey on or before 30 October 2022 (Sunday) 23 October 2022 (Sunday) to join our Lucky Draw! More than 130 prizes (valued over HK$12,000) are waiting for you! This year, we have Grand PrizeHK$1,500Apple Store Gift Card‼️Other vouchers include various entertainment platform passes (e.g. hmvod, Spotify, KKBox), retails shopping gift cards (City’Super/LOG-ON, Muji, Wellcome or Parknshop, etc.) or foodie vouchers (Starbucks, Häagen-Dazs, etc.)! Lucky draw result will be announced on or before 11 November 2022 by email. Grab the chance to earn a lucky draw coupon!

Please follow this link to complete the simple survey:

Please do not leave the website until you see the following message:


Should you have any query on Graduate Employment Survey 2022, please feel free to reach us at or +852 2948 6246.

Best Regards,
Career Development Service
Student Affairs Office

Points to note:
• Individual information reported on the survey will be kept confidential and will be used solely to compile aggregate data that Student Affairs Office and The Education University of Hong Kong are obliged to collect.
• Some of the data obtained in the survey may be submitted to the University Grants Committee, Education Bureau or other HKSAR Government offices, or will be used for research purposes. The collected data will thereafter be handled by the Student Affairs Office and purged after five years.
• You might also be contacted by EdUHK staff (including but not limited to staff from Student Affairs Office (SAO)) for further details of the responses and interview for research and reporting purposes.
• Under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, you have the right to request access to, and to request correction of, your personal data in relation to this survey. Graduates wishing to access or make corrections to their data should submit written requests to the Student Affairs Office.
• Student Affairs Office reserves the sole and final discretion of interpretation, changing the prizes and termination of the Lucky Draw.